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Given the circumstances, the holiday celebrations different places will be canceled or postponed, well for another year, or with a little bit of delay them before the end of the 2020, the latter option dubious staging.

The first festive event canceled will be that of the Pilgrimage of the Christ of the Exaltation of Gallegos de Argañán, whose celebration was scheduled for late April. Followed by those of Santa Cruz and El Bodón Saelices el Chico, who have confirmed to this medium cancellation. As for the eulogy of the Christ of the Exaltation Mayor of the town of Gallegos de Argañan, Jose Serafin Bajo, it is possible to delay them for August, they do not celebrate holidays in the summer but is waiting for the situation as it lies concentration of people for these dates.

In the case of Saelices el Chico and El Bodón, Francisco Javier Bernal mayors and Juan José Oreja respectively, Having to another festive event in August they will be waiting for the situation, counting on the possibility if you can, enhance or prolong the summer events.

The following festive dates sure enough will be suspended will be the Corpus Christi in La Fuente de San Esteban and Sancti Spiritus, as the mayors of these towns Rufino Garcia and Manuel Garduño Welcome, they see appropriate concentration of people in both religious events and bullfighting, plus they have the doubt that health authorities permit.

San Antonio in Martín de Yeltes and Campillo de Azaba, They will remain in the same situation. A the same as the previous mayors, Eleuterio Fuentes and Julian Fandiño, suspending the holidays but are considering putting forward postpone them always the safety of its residents and visitors. Azaba Carpio, celebrating San Isidro the 15 It may also given for canceled festive events and closures on horseback, according to the estimate of its mayor Arturo Vidal Gómez.

The region of the rebollar Celebrating the holidays San Juan during the last week of June, They are suspended, although only confirmed what this means mayors Navasfrías and El Payo, Esteban Alonso and Agapito Pascual. Robleda, San Juan also celebrates its first mayor, José Luis Varas, He did not confirm cancellation for not having been able to have a meeting with the council of the corporation, but it looks as his personal opinion, they will not be able to be carried out.

The same fate awaits festivities San José Obrero in Ivanrey, in early May, and other aggregates of Ciudad Rodrigo, como Bocacara and Águeda, with celebrations of San Miguel Arcangel and San Isidro Labrador in May.

Questioned the celebration of the summer festivals in other towns:


The situation by COVID-19 suggests that the summer holidays the rest of the peoples of the region mirobrigense, they can be suspended or held in a way very different than we are used currently where there are no references to a previous situation, we can not accurately inform the celebrations of the summer festivals, but what is clear and evident that this year 2020, we will live very different situations in our populations summer and rest.

Few months extension until summer so that the situation remains controlled pandemic, so both locals, locals and authorities, the question will arise, Is it wise to go this year to the people? Or is it desirable to complete this year of people our people?

Desde support the decision that health premium on leisure and now it's time to make an effort by all.

We wish you a lot of encouragement to everyone s both enferm @ s, as people who care for us and that @ s that allow us to continue having our necessities come.

Keep you informed of developments.

A hug.

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