Navasfrías from the air in 1981

Navasfrias - Navasfrías desde el aire en 1981

NAVASFRIAS IN 1981 FROM THE AIR Our neighbor Jose Moreiro has shared a video which is the product of a montage from 5 photographs published in 1981, by PAISAJES ESPAÑOLES S.A., which once digitized, the rest of Navasfrías aerial images have been mounted. We hope you like it. Our town since […]

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Disinfection Navasfrias streets Prevencion coronavirus

disinfection measures container and all that can carry the virus are extreme to prevent its spread medical .Center ,supermecados, Pharmacy The City Council extreme measures to avoid contagion. Noticia de Carlos Garcia (Journalist), Disinfection work: Posted by Carlos Garcia Garcia on Monday, 23. March 2020 = edCvE6QmJlmt0YU2 […]

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Navasfrias alarm status

Navasfrias - Navasfrias estado de alarma

ALARM STATUS Navasfrías is vital to fulfill the measures introduced by the government, si alguien tiene alguna duda os compartimos el enlace al BOE Poniendo todos de nuestra parte conseguiremos en primer lugar evitar que el virus se siga propagando, secondly avoid collapse the health system and thirdly […]

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