Navasfrías retired visit Cadiz

Navasfrias - Navasfrías jubilados visitan Cádiz

NAVASFRÍAS JUBILADOS VISITAN CADIZ Nuestros mayores se van de excursión. Jubilados de Navasfrías y El Payo para aprovechar los últimos días del mes de septiembre se han ido de excursión al sur, specifically the province of Cádiz. Among the sites that have visited the capital are, Jerez de la Frontera, the Sierra de […]

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Navasfrias Bike Xtreme

Navasfrias - Navasfrias Bike Xtreme

Navasfrías XTREME BIKE for the first time Navasfrías Xtreme Bike celebrates the test with a host. Day celebration took place on Sunday 11 of August. This test has been organized by HE. Navasfrías City Council and County Council Salamanca, with the collaboration of several entities and trading houses and framed, inside […]

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Bike Xtreme Navasfrias

Navasfrias - Bike Xtreme Navasfrias

BIKE XTREME NAVASFRÍAS ¿Bike Xtreme, If you have not signed up to the fashionable cycling race? This summer day 11 August is celebrated in our village Navasfrías, la I Bike Xtreme. This is a test organized by the local council and the Diputación de Salamanca. The test is open to […]

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Fundación Manuel Ramos Andrade

Navasfrias - Fundación Manuel Ramos Andrade

Manuel Ramos Andrade Foundation board of trustees met in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco Museum - Casa Lis During one meeting chaired by the mayor of Salamanca, Carlos Manuel García Carbayo. He has also had the participation of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Salamanca, Enrique Cabero; Mayor Navasfrías, Esteban González Alfonso; […]

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