Navasfrías Residence, next phase

Navasfrias - Residencia Navasfrías, siguiente fase

The Navasfrías nursing home has begun the next phase. After finishing the foundation in 2021, no works had been carried out again. This phase that has started will involve an investment of around €50,000. Later, also during this 2024, another phase is planned to be undertaken, for an amount of around €200,000 (this performance will come out […]

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Navasfrías energy community

Navasfrias - Navasfrías comunidad energética

The new trend of the City Councils in promoting new energy models has been implemented in Navasfrías where an Energy Community will be created in which both individuals will be able to participate openly and voluntarily., companies or public entities. The great social interest in this type of measures has generated a lot of expectation […]

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Navasfrías bypass road

Navasfrias - Carretera variante Navasfrías

The Salamanca Provincial Council has decided to reject all the allegations presented against the project chosen to build a variant at the height of Navasfrías of the DSA-370, with which this project (written by Juan Carlos Pino Vaquero and José Ángel Pino Vaquero) has been definitively approved, with a bidding budget of €676,000 (IVA […]

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