Navasfrías borrasca Filomena

Navasfrias - Navasfrías borrasca Filomena

In Navasfrías we are used to being cold, in the last weeks we have been in the “top ten” of the country's minimum. Then, we want to share with you a small analysis of the temperatures recorded in recent days. It seems that the Storm Filomena will affect us according to forecasts, on Friday, where the elevation of […]

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Navasfrías the fridge

Navasfrias - Navasfrías la nevera

Navasfrías the fridge, our town is news in the last days, because despite having been in the heat wave, we have slept with the sheet and sometimes with the bedspread over it, since Navasfrías lives up to its name and for the day it is certain that the temperatures have been […]

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Navasfrias Bike Xtreme

Navasfrias - Navasfrias Bike Xtreme

Navasfrías XTREME BIKE for the first time Navasfrías Xtreme Bike celebrates the test with a host. Day celebration took place on Sunday 11 of August. This test has been organized by HE. Navasfrías City Council and County Council Salamanca, with the collaboration of several entities and trading houses and framed, inside […]

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