Navasfrias Bike Xtreme

Navasfrias - Navasfrias Bike Xtreme

Navasfrías XTREME BIKE for the first time Navasfrías Xtreme Bike celebrates the test with a host. Day celebration took place on Sunday 11 of August. This test has been organized by HE. Navasfrías City Council and County Council Salamanca, with the collaboration of several entities and trading houses and framed, inside […]

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Bike Xtreme Navasfrias

Navasfrias - Bike Xtreme Navasfrias

BIKE XTREME NAVASFRÍAS ¿Bike Xtreme, If you have not signed up to the fashionable cycling race? This summer day 11 August is celebrated in our village Navasfrías, la I Bike Xtreme. This is a test organized by the local council and the Diputación de Salamanca. The test is open to […]

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San Juan Navasfrías Pregón

Navasfrias - Pregón San Juan Navasfrías

Pregón de San Juan Navasfrías a cargo de Tomás Acosta Píriz Nuesto pueblo fue el primero de El Rebollar en festejar a San Juan comenzando las celebraciones en la tarde del viernes con actividades pensadas para los más pequeños, as a closure bogies or an inflatable. The first major event of the celebrations was […]

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Navasfrías again Nematode.

Navasfrias - NAVASFRIAS nuevamente el nematodo.

NAVASFRÍAS NEMATODO Nuevamente nuestro pueblo y el pueblo de El Payo se ven afectados por la restricción de corte de madera debido a la afectación de pinos por nematodo en la zona de Valverde del Fresno. The Junta de Castilla y León has established a demarcated area, que afecta a los municipios salmantinos de Navasfrías […]

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Navasfrías Bike Xtrem

Navasfrias - Navasfrías Bike Xtrem

Navasfrías Xtrem Bike Our people Navasfrías joins testing The provincial IV Circuit BTT. A few days ago the Diputación de Salamanca presented the testing schedule. And total, will be 23 tests (5 less than last year), of which 11 will take place in the region mirobrigense (2 more than […]

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Home Residence Navasfrias

Navasfrias - Inicio Residencia Navasfrias

HOME RESIDENCE Navasfrías Dan initiation beginning works for the construction of the Residence for the elderly and dependent persons in Navasfrias. The expected residence began his first works of clearing and grading the site where they will be located. ” You were above”.Next to the barracks G.C. Hoping to have access to the project […]

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