Boletus edulis of more than 2kg collected in Navasfrías

The weather of the last few weeks has given rise to the mycological season in our town Navasfrías, is bearing fruit, and what a fruit! our neighbor Montse Encinas has collected a boletus of the edulis variety, that has weighed 2.260 kg. From we congratulate Montse for this collection.

This mushroom is one of the most appreciated for its flavor and texture. The Latin name of the mushroom indicates this characteristic: in Latin edulis means edible. It is usually used both cooked and canned. (in vinegar or oil). The meat of this mushroom is white (turning brown) and compact, both in the hat and in the foot, although older specimens usually show softer meat. It does not usually give off particular odors and has a well-defined flavor: sweet like hazelnuts.
In Spain it is possible to find it in many beech forests, oaks, castaños, pines and also among rockroses since it is their place of origin.

Information and image obtained from Slmnchartwldia,

Boletus information obtained from wikipedia