Navasfrías again Nematode.

Navasfrias - NAVASFRIAS nuevamente el nematodo.

NAVASFRÍAS NEMATODO Once again our town and the town of El Payo are affected by the restriction of wood cutting due to the affectation of pine trees by nematodes in the Valverde del Fresno area. The Junta de Castilla y León has established a demarcated area, that affects the Salamanca municipalities of Navasfrías […]

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Navasfrías Bike Xtrem

Navasfrias - Navasfrías Bike Xtrem

Navasfrías Xtrem Bike Our people Navasfrías joins testing The provincial IV Circuit BTT. A few days ago the Diputación de Salamanca presented the testing schedule. And total, will be 23 tests (5 less than last year), of which 11 will take place in the region mirobrigense (2 more than […]

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