Navasfrías bypass road

The Salamanca Provincial Council has decided to reject all the allegations presented against the project chosen to build a variant at the height of Navasfrías of the DSA-370, with which this project (written by Juan Carlos Pino Vaquero and José Ángel Pino Vaquero) has been definitively approved, with a bidding budget of €676,000 (VAT included).

The Diputación designed three alternatives to build a variant that makes the traffic of the DSA-370 (including the heavy) do not pass through the center of town. Of those three options, the one that the technicians considered most favorable was chosen, understanding that it solves traffic problems in the urban center in a "more satisfactory" way, "with optimal economic parameters between the different alternatives and a reduced environmental impact".

Although the Navasfrías City Council initially gave the go-ahead unanimously to the option chosen, notable complaints arose in the locality, to understand -as noted in its day from the PSOE (at that time in opposition)- that it will have some damages "of an economic nature, cultural, irreparable patrimonial and environmental.

in detail, It is estimated that it will involve the removal of the upper part of the Bardal bridge, the uselessness of the municipal scale (since access will be blocked), the impossibility of using agricultural and livestock land located on both sides of the variant, damage to flora and fauna, and the disappearance of a notable forest mass. Before it, from the PSOE, as well as other neighbors, opted for another of the options designed, which implied a greater financial outlay as it was necessary to build a new bridge.

During the period of public exhibition of the construction project of the option chosen for the variant, different allegations have been presented, all of them being dismissed "according to the reports issued by Juan Carlos Pino Vaquero and Iván Rodríguez Martín", according to the Decree of the Presidency of the Provincial Council signed last Wednesday. as a result, the project (which is part of the Provincial Highway Plan of the year 2019) is considered definitively approved.


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