Navasfrías cold starts

jalamaNavasfrías winter begins

Navasfrías You have registered on Tuesday, 2 October, one of the minimum temperatures country -0,4 Centigrade on a day that where frost has appeared in numerous mountain areas and interiors of Castilla and Leon.

In fact, in the Community there have been ten lowest minimum temperatures across the country, the Puerto El Pico de Ávila at the head thanks to the -3,7 degrees.

The second lowest was noted in Sanabria (Zamora), with -2,0 degrees, followed by Ucero (Soria), with -1,3 degrees; Villablino (León), with -0,9, and El Burgo de Osma, in Soria, with -0,6 degrees.

Time begins to resemble that can be expected in autumn with higher temperatures during the day and plummet, Important thermal oscillation, overnight.

During the day they reach maximum temperatures of up 23 degrees while the minimum mark in the capital noctura four degrees.

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