Bull Carnaval Ciudad Rodrigo is presented with three bulls least in the running

The City of Ciudad Rodrigo has published the tender announcement organizing bullfights Toro next Carnival, which it has a budget in the section -festivales taurino, novilladas, encierros y capeas- of 118.000 euros, VAT included. This amount will be added 6.000 euros offered to the company to be responsible for organizing and putting closure horse Carnival Sunday, to which an invitation shall be sent to four companies to determine the best option linked to municipal interests.

carnaval ciudadrodrigo, carnanal del toro 2011
Ciudad Rodrigo carnival, carnanal bull 2011

In times of crisis, Taurine Commission has decided to remove a bull in the running Sunday through Tuesday, bringing in the Carnaval del Toro 2012 It will be three four-year old less, con un total de 26 toros, según se especifica en el pliego de condiciones que ayer se difundió a través de la web municipal y será publicado uno de estos días en el BOP, opening a deadline for submitting offers 15 calendar days from publication.

In the clauses in the rules of the competition, inter alia states that each scheduled celebration must have at least five oxen; that "the weight of the bull will not be less than 500 kilos and will have between four and five years old, with sufficient trapío and without any detracting in their presentation of each set of closures ".

All cattle must be determined "at least one month before the start of the celebrations and will be inspected by members of the Commission to be provided Taurine compliance. If the commissioners of the City Council did not give its agreement to a set of bull or bulls, the contractor shall be obliged to replace the animals identified by others of the same livestock that are within compliance of the commissioners or they may approve other bulls of other livestock, always in the same category and line of the offered ".


Por último, "In case of discrepancy, and as a last resort, the Council may directly acquire the suitable animals discounting price of the contract price "

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