Ciudad rodrigo: No construction is in Irueña, amidst growing concern that the bridge will not withstand the pressure.

Nor trail since August in the villages in the area of ​​workers. Hydrographic Confederation of the Duero says “the rate has dropped by cold”

preocupacion en irueña por la paralización de las obras

Residents of the different villages of El Rebollar expressed this newspaper Saturday concern about the virtual paralysis of the works of the variants by the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs through the Hydrographic Confederation of the Duero.

Desde la Safety, They came to recognize this Saturday officially that “but there are fewer workers are falling as other works”, ya que, they assured, “in winter decreases the pace, like any work is done on the street, by the issue of concreting, because with the cold concreted not well”.

The excuse of cold CHD is not new and some neighbors expressed their fear that, and the laying of concrete is also necessary to take special precautions with weather conditions that may raise its temperature above 21 degrees, prevents the heat of summer after the Confederation complete the works.

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