Employment Promotion Navasfrias

TILEROThe City Council has allocated Navasfrías departure and received by the Junta de Castilla y León, of 40.000 euros, for tidying and value of tourism infrastructure in the town and will work until next January to seven unemployed people.

En este sentido, Esteban Alfonso, in front of the Consistory clarifies: “Hired they are working since last August in the Recreation Area El Bardal, in Salmantina wolfram mine and the Center for Nature Interpretation”.
During half year contract and part-time, the inhabitants of Navasfrías benefit from this assistance will carry out work tidying and value of tourist areas of the town. “Conviene tener en cuenta que durante los meses de verano se pone a disposición de visitantes y foráneos el centro de interpretación para dar a conocer la fauna y el entorno silvícola de la zona de El Rebollar”, They insist the City Council, while report: “In an initial moment we have 8 workers in total, but an administrative matter we have been forced to give up one of them, so at this point it remains to seven”.
Source: www.lagacetadesalamanca.es

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