Navasfrias presents his shield and flag

shield Navasfrias

shield and flag presentation

The Official Gazette of the Province (BOP) Friday published the agreement that was taken in the full Navasfrías last 17 August in which the shield and the flag of the town was approved.Once the information published in the BOP open twentieth day deadline for those who consider it appropriate to submit claims. Otherwise, After this time, the agreement shall be deemed definitively approved.

In the absence of a history of heraldic shield found in the area, They have been used as criteria for the shield most important historical and monumental aspects de Navasfrías, in addition to, as to form, follow the national and timbrarlo tradition with the Spanish Crown. Así, Based on these criteria, the shield will consist of the following elements:

– Image of the main facade of the church, to be its most unique building.
– A lion rampant, because Navasfrías belonged to the Kingdom of León.
– A flordelisada Cross of the Order of Alcantara, manor that belonged to the town.
– An oak branch, because Navasfrías is in the region known as El Rebollar.


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