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Valverde del Fresno San Blas Chico

San Blas Chico Valverde del Fresno San Blas chico A

Valverde del fresno celebrates the festival in honor of its patron and does as every year on a high.

The festival of San Blas boy, it is a celebration in which the women wear traditional costume of the area and men riding on horses riding through the streets of the town own songs. It is a festival that each year has more followers.

It should be noted as a curious note for people who do not know the area, in Valverde del Fresno and generally in the valley of Xálima there is a dialect that has prevailed since the thirteenth century by colonization of the northern peninsula.

This speaks multiple generic names: Xálima, Valegu, A Fala D'here, Our Speech, It is spoken by a 5000 people in the valley itself more about 3000 migrants.

In this linguistic uniqueness Valverde called “Valverdeiru” ó “chapurrau”, in the neighboring locality of Eljas it is called “lagarteiru” and, in San Martin de Trevejo “hoses”.

There is much controversy about its origin, so good, above any linguistic assessment it is necessary to emphasize the sociological fact of the existence of many surnames, names of places, architecture and even gastronomy obviously Astur-leonine origin and Galician-Portuguese.


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Valverde del Fresno
Valverde del Fresno


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