Navasfrías presentation of the flag and coat

Navasfrias presentation of the flag and coat

Shield and flag Navasfrias

Last day 8 April was the presentation of the book on the flag and coat of Navasfrías.

Desde queremos explicaros un poco el significado de dicha bandera y escudo y agradecer a José Moreiro Píriz, author of drafting and purchase catermaran.

The day 17 de noviembre de 2017 se publicó en el BOP de Salamanca el ACUERDO DEFINITIVO del Pleno de la Corporación Municipal, by which shield and flag are adopted for the municipality.

shield NavasfriasDescription shield is the next: Quartered shield cross.

1º- In field of azur, image of the main facade of the church of the town of Silver, mazonada saber and clarified of azur.

2º- In silver field, a lion rampant purple, linguado and armed gules, and crowned with gold.

3º- In silver field, the flordelisada Cross of the Order of Alcantara sinople.

4º- In field of azur, a small branch of oak variety "Quercus Pyrenean" o roble melojo, in the region known as rebollo, with leaves and acorns, all gold.

the bell, Real Corona Spanish (Corona Real Cerrada).

Explanation Coat

  • The facade of the church is included in the first quarter being the most emblematic building of Navasfrías.
  • Lion Rampant second quarter due to historical Navasfrías membership of the Kingdom of León.
  • The third quarter flordelisada Cross responds to the old Navasfrías membership to the Order of Alcantara.
  • La rama de roble del último cuartel hace referencia a la existencia de Navasfrías a la comarca de El Rebollar.

The flag It has the following description:

Navasfrias flagsquare cloth, ratio 1:1, formed by two quadrangular triangles joined by the hypotenuse, red being the first and the second white, colors usually have the ensigns of numerous cities and towns of Castilla and Leon.

Superimposed center, the municipal shield in colors, with your stamp, in the proportion of 3/5 the height of the flag.



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Agradecimientos a Daarbos86 por las imágenes.

the Daarbos86 – PropioEsta work vector image includes elements that have been taken or adapted from this: Escudo de Castuera.svg (by SanchoPanzaXXI)., CC BY-SA 4.0,
the Daarbos86 – Own job, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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