Navasfrías on a country to eat

Salamanca Province will be in the new season of TVE "A country to eat", who presented the actress Ana Duato, with recording from today until next Wednesday and Saturday of the gastronomic and cultural content that holds the border region of Ciudad Rodrigo.

Recording of the program "A country to eat" has been promoted by the Council of Salamanca by including within the cross-border program SALT BIN Culture, the European project VIP BIN SAL II, that aims the development and enhancement of the potential of the border territories of Beira Interior Salamanca and Northern Portugal.

A country for comérselo
A country for comérselo
From the Council of Salamanca was chosen to carry out this TV spot that will serve for about an hour during a journey is performed by different parts of the border area of ​​the province that extends from the Oak thicket until You arrive, with the aim of disseminating the excellent traditional cuisine of the territory BIN SAL, supplemented with disclosure of the architectural and cultural heritage with some municipalities.
With this philosophy and the line following the "A country for comérselo”, hand know Ana Duato developing recipes delicacies of this region as salmantinos like ribeye or mirobrigense farinato morucha. For this, hostess know the ecosystem of the meadow where the race morucha Iberian pig breeding and, that are based on these products, without forgetting other essential Salamanca and cattle pasture as the bull. La Finca Castro Enriquez, and a ranch in the town of Agueda del Caudillo be scenarios, Recorded in the day tomorrow, Wednesday, Ana Duato know where paddock Salamanca and major livestock breeds grazing in this ecosystem of the province.
In his tour of the border area the program disclose other typical products such as wafer processing in a handmade oven in Sancti Spiritus, the chub cod Navasfrías, hornazo in San Felices de los Gallegos or almond Saucelle thread. The transboundary nature of the program also will show us the recipe for cod bras, as tasted by many salmantinos, fregesía Malpartida in the Portuguese municipality of Almeida.
Cross-border culinary content in the television program complement to the disclosure of the rich heritage, This natural and cultural territory, as is the Archaeological Heritage site of Siega Verde, monumentality of Ciudad Rodrigo and San Felices de los Gallegos, the minas of tungsten of Navasfrías and the nature of The Rebollar. And in the cultural field, besides the party Charrada of Ciudad Rodrigo, declared of regional tourist interest, charro tradition of filigree and tambourine musical touch the hand of a group of women to be known Peñaparda.

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