Ramos Andrade Foundation scholarships Navasfrias

Manuel Ramos Andrade
Manuel Ramos Andrade

Ramos Andrade Foundation scholarship students Navasfrias

The Rural School Grouped Alto Agueda of Navasfrías he received in Wednesday morning's visit territorial delegate of the Junta de Castilla y León in Salamanca, Welcome Mena, director of the Museo Casa Lis de Salamanca, Pedro Pérez Castro, and the mayor of the town, Esteban González Alfonso.

The aim of this visit, as he noted Welcome Mena, He was touring the CRA and the location in which it is, In addition to highlighting the contribution that has been doing the same for more than two decades Fundación Manuel Ramos Andrade, which manages memory, including Casa Lis, Natural illustrious patron of Navasfrías.

He explained Pedro Pérez Castro, la Ramos Andrade Foundation given each year to CRA about 3,000-4,000 €, allowing for example that all children have free all school supplies. Right now, The CRA has a total of 27 students, which 16 studied at the headquarters of Navasfrías. For Welcome Mena, It is "important to be a CRA and locality as Navasfrías" figure. He also stressed that those 16 students there 7 Early Childhood Education, thus no certain future secured: "We are making people".

The director of the Casa Lis 1 explained that the objective of the Ramos Andrade Foundation is the Casa Lis de Salamanca ("You are doing also famous Navasfrías"), but there is always money for school supplies for CRA Alto Agueda, where they have invested some € 60,000 in the last 23 años.

Also, in most of the time, the Foundation has awarded scholarships to students of natural Navasfrías. And total, during these more than two decades of existence (They were born in 1995) They have been granted más de 80 scholarships for young people to study outside Navasfrías, for example in Ciudad Rodrigo or University.

Pedro Pérez Castro noted that on aggregate of these 23 years has been allocated € 800,000 to the municipality, in order that Navasfrías not depopulation. For this, well as students, It has helped (with € 50,000 in total) a la association of the 3rd Age. In the future, will continue this contribution to the municipality, and indeed for next year it is already certain to be call for grants thanks to economic performance this year of the Foundation.

In the words of the mayor of the town, Esteban González Alfonso, la Casa Lis They are "unite salvation for the progress of the people", proposing that future residence bears the name Ramos Andrade. To raise that residence, Esteban Alfonso He asked collaboration to Casa Lis Yet the Junta because "the people but have help, they die".

Within the visit to CRA, its director, Soledad Martín Parrilla -that carries 9 years in the Centre-, He told those present that has become a tribute to Ramos Andrade, because "had not done anything to stay clear, and it was essential that when entering a link will see ", hence has designed a "Imaginary journey" from Navasfrías to the Casa Lis, "Our 2nd home".

Soledad Grill It had an impact on "we are a small town in Raya with Portugal, but it is important what is being done here; These children have the same rights and possibilities, and we the same desire that we were in a big city ".

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