UGT asked the board to activate the special operating fire

Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca). The UGT union has claimed today to the Junta de Castilla y León to activate the special operation against forest fires, at the risk of fire due to rising temperatures and winds from Africa.

UGT has said, it's a statement, which in recent days have been declared in the region five forest fires: three Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila), one Navasfrías (Salamanca) and another in Lubian (Zamora).

The union has complained that the absence of the special operation, in these forest fires have not been able to operate air assets of the Board not being available, so they had to intervene seaplanes and helicopters of the Ministry of Environment, with the support of environmental agents of Castilla y León, brigades of the province of Cáceres, Firefighters county councils and neighborhood volunteers.

According to sources consulted by EFE UGT, the extinction of fires in recent days has not been coordinated by technical specialists, because it is not running the special operation.

UGT said that in the special operation against fire there is always on call 24 hour several technical and environmental agents.

Asimismo, has explained, in relation to forest fire he declared last Navasfrías 11 de abril, que “curiously, in this term there is a truck extinction of the Board that could not be used”.

They have also qualified “serious situation” produced in the town of Zamora Lubian, where the past 9 de abril “a fire has destroyed a 510 hectares of forest” and, según UGT, “official data have reduced to something less than 500 not included in the statistics as Great Forest Fire (GIF)”.

UGT ha required “the development of an action plan for forest fire beyond the three summer months”


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