Mushroom season starts in Rebollar

Fans gathering fungi collected during this weekend the first edible mushrooms spring, although the heat of recent days has caused barely been born, especially in the villages of the Sierra de France (Salamanca).

“Until now, the weather is not favorable and collectors have collected some Boletus edulis, although very few”, He explained to EFE today Florencio Ramos, the only employer in the province of Salamanca which is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of mushrooms.

setas y hongos Navasfrias
mushrooms and fungi Navasfrias

according to Ramos, “the only hope is that the month of May comes a little more favorable, ya que, even though it rained a lot in March, in April it has dried too the field”.

The mushroom pickers often go to look for them by areas such as the Sierra de France or The Natural space Rebollar, which borders northern Cáceres.

Another typical spring mushrooms, known as criadilla, “It has not given, Until now, So far in spring”, according Florencio Ramos, whose activity develops in the municipality salmantino of Navasfrías.

The region of Azaba, located in the west of the province of Salamanca, It is rich in criadillas, due to soil properties sandstones, although in this April hardly they have been seen.

The penchant for collecting mushrooms in the province of Salamanca It will be marked this year 2011 by the measure it is intended to implement from the Ministry of Environment of the Board Castilla y León, in order to limit its collection in areas classified as public forest.

Al parecer, this measure could be applied in the autumn both Sierra de France and El Rebollar, to regulate the collection and avoid, así, overexploitation mycological


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