Videovigilancia forest area Navasfrias

Navasfrias forest area
Navasfrias forest area


Salamanca Provincial Council will install six new cameras video surveillance in zonas forests province, specifically in the municipalities of Navasfrías, Villar de Ciervo and Vilvestre, for the purpose of fighting fires in the region near the border with Portugal.

As he explained the president of the provincial institution, Javier Iglesias, It is having “a more comprehensive control” and the possibility of “faster response” in the case of an emergency situation in these areas, far from large urban centers.

The acquisition and placement of these devices are part of the European project ‘Biofrontera II‘, which it has a deadline until the end of 2021 and will also allow the purchase of specific new five vehicles for firefighting.

Specifically, para “increase the responsiveness“, Salamanca Provincial Council will acquire a heavy rural pumper, two vehicles working at height, rapid intervention vehicles and a team of release.

Accompanied by Deputy Environment, Román Hernández, the president of the provincial institution explained that 'Biofrontera II’ also it has public entities Portuguese, you can buy like video surveillance systems, which will control the other side of the border and also benefit its proximity Salamanca.

This project is in collaboration with the Portuguese members of the Association of Municipalities of Cova da Beira and Nature and Man Foundation, Feder will receive European funding in Interreg mode, specifically through the line POCTEP.


The total investment in the project is 1.410.161 euros, funded the 75 percent in Europe and 25 remaining percent by participating partners. Así, Salamanca Provincial Council -the most benefit- will receive 622.346 euros, de los 829.795 euro project.

On the other hand, Association of Municipalities Cova da Beira will 99.999 euros of European funds to the total cost of its share of 133.333 euros; and Nature and Man Foundation has allocated 335.274 of euros 447.033 of the total.

'Biofrontera II’ It is the second phase of a project that was carried out in the same area and allowed, for example, the province of Salamanca count on video surveillance systems in its forest mass in terms of Villarino, The Fregeneda and El Payo.