Astróbriga scale solar system in Ciudad Rodrigo

The project consists of the creation of the largest Solar System on a scale in Europe, placing a large sun of 4,80 meters in diameter in the roundabout of the Gordo Tree in Ciudad Rodrigo and from this structure distribute the planets both throughout the city and in points of the region such as Siega Verde, where will Neptune be located, or the Vilar Formoso Train Station, Portugal, place that will host Pluto.

The design carried out altruistically by members of the Mirobrigense association has taken into account when locating the different planets the time it takes for light to travel through space from the Sun to each of the planets and it will be the same time it will take a visitor on the walk.

The association does not rule out receiving new support in the near future, while again seeking financing from individuals and companies, as well as to organize activities.


“The one that Ciudad Rodrigo and its region can tell, hopefully soon, with the largest Solar System on a scale in Europe, it will undoubtedly reinforce the tourist attraction that this area already has ", affirmed yesterday the godfather of the project promoted by Astróbriga, Mirobrigense astrophysicist, Javier Rodríguez-Pacheco, who is also principal investigator of the Solar Orbiter probe launched from Cape Canaveral, in United States, last february.

"That a visitor can travel the solar system at the‘ speed of light ’taking his walk the same as a ray of light takes from the Sun to the Earth —8 minutes — is something that is very attractive", stated Javier Rodríguez-Pacheco.

En este sentido, the Mirobrigense astrophysicist pointed out that “the route that a visitor can take both through the city and approaching to discover other planets in different towns and parts of the region will be like living a space walk, with what this has both leisure and acquisition of knowledge about our Solar System ".

A project that has from the beginning with the support of the prominent Mirobrigense researcher and astrophysicist, very professionally related, through the European Solar Orbiter probe project, with everything that has to do with the Sun and its relationship with the planets that revolve around it.


The project to create a large scale Solar System in Ciudad Rodrigo and its region, promoted by the association "Astróbriga", has received significant support to become a reality with the granting by the Ministry of Science of a grant of 25.000 euros, through the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology.

"This contribution represents a more than relevant boost for the project, that has a budget of 86.000 euros, but that could reach the 120.000 euros if all the foreseen elements can be placed ", highlighted Nicolás Cahén, president of "Astróbriga".

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