El Bardal, Navasfrías barbecue area

The Ministry of the Environment of the Junta de Castilla y León has registered 151 recreational areas in the province of Salamanca of which more than one 25% are authorized to use fire. Namely, They have homologated barbecues with devices that prevent the exit of sparks and firecrackers that can cause fires.

And total, son 40 the areas that the Environment includes in its list and that is accessible through the new page on fire information (incendioscyl.es). Despite these authorizations, from the regional executive it is specified that users must always comply with a series of preventive measures and ensure that all requirements are met to be able to use them.

This list made public by the Board includes the forty areas in which, in principle, yes you can make use of fire. Mostly, they are located in the southern fringe of the province, highlighting Béjar, Ciudad Rodrigo and Monsagro, with three zones each (the list does not include El Castañar de Béjar, despite the fact that part of the existing barbecues were approved).


Así, the forty authorized zones are: The Dehesa (Abusejo); Beaches of the dehesa (Alba de Tormes, municipal swimming pool of Alba de Yeltes, the pools of Aldehuela de Yeltes; El Cotillo, the Fountain of the Leaf and the Fountain of the Wolf (Béjar); The Piñuela (Cereceda de la Sierra); Old mall, El Picón and Moretona (Ciudad Rodrigo); the municipal picnic area of ​​God Keep you, the boyal pasture of El Cabaco, La Hoya de El Maíllo and the eras of El Sahugo. Also included in the list are the municipal swimming pools of Fuenteguinaldo and those of Gallegos de Argañán; Los Mártires and Santa Ana bushes in Lagunilla; El Chapatal and La Honfría in Linares de Riofrío Salamanca and the Botanical (old Cold Fountain); the puddle of Los Pozos and El Baho in Monsagro. Igualmente, Barbecues are allowed in Morasverdes pools, El Casarito and La Mata de Francia, The Bardal de Navasfrías, The Picueto in Archbishop's Palaces, The Majadillas of Peñaparda, The Plantío of San Esteban de la Siera, La Mata de San Miguel de Valero and the pools and camping area El Endrinal and the Valle Cerezo de Serradilla del Arroyo. The alphabetical list of towns is closed by El Fresnal de Tenebrón and the Rincos lagoons and the Río Frío de Villasrrubias.

Source LaGaceta