Cape Arraiana closure Foios 2018

Cape Arraiana closure Foios 2018

Cape Arraiana FoiosFoios our border neighbors celebrate their festivals.
With its traditional bullfights arrainas, which they are recognized as cultural heritage.
Before the closure is to look for the bulls which are led through the countryside to the town in which the closure will take place, This route may take more or less time it all depends on how bulls and riders astride their horses run the bulls.

Once this starts coming to town excitement bulls start running and the brave runners who were on their expected start the race.

Once all the bulls have been locked begins its test in space, with the famous Forcón, to prevent damage bulls horns these have been covered with a cover, it is noteworthy that in Portugal the bulls are not killed in the square, and after capea possible injuries suffered are cured.

Then, We share with you a confinement to which we turn.

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