Carnival of Ciudad Rodrigo, Entrudo chosen bull 2012 for Carnival del Toro

The Bull Antruejo, through the streets of Miróbriga el próximo 5 March on Saturday morning Carnaval will finally “Sevillano”, número 32 livestock Virgin Mary. The developer website, cerró el pasado viernes la votación para la elección del toro que saldrá a las calles de Miróbriga y finalmente ha sido el ejemplar de Virgen María el elegido.

After a popular vote will be the copy of livestock Virgin Mary who wander through the streets of Miróbriga next 5 March.

Cabe recordar que el Carnaval del Toro of Ciudad Rodrigo It is held in 2012 between 17 and 21 February.

After a long deliveración by the Working Group ToAntruejo ro is given as final result of the vote in a tie between the bull and Heirs Santos Mayor Yerbabuena, not taking into account the vote difference and if having found the percentage is a 41% both sides.

This decision is made for equality of the two bulls in the vote in the last minute and we see just the outcome is decided by one vote, since at the time of closure he could have been ahead either bulls.
The group decides to give final winner internal vote and the final result after a long deliveración winner is given as the bull nº27 Heirs of Santos Mayor

Yerbabuena 517 votes


Mayor Santos inheritors 518 votes

the port of San Lorenzo 233 votes


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