Grow the boletus and chanterelles? or longer will this fall?

Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca), Experts believe mycologists as edible mushrooms “boletus” chanterelles or not coming this year, because the rains have come too late.

The only undertaking manufacturing fungi in the province of Salamanca, Florencio Ramos, explained today that he has not bought a single “boletus” all that will fall season.


“I think it will not go out, as the rains have come too late and the ground is already busted”, He explained the entrepreneur, He dedicated to the manufacture of fungi in the village of Navasfrías salmantino.
In a normal fall, “only in the province of Salamanca and would have bought 5.000 Boletus kilos pickers”.
In the same situation is another of the most prized mushrooms in the kitchen, the níscalo (lactarius deliciosus).
“As the mushrooms are níscalo and mushrooms micorizógenas -nacen attached to a tree- it is very difficult to be born at this point”, salmantino mycologist has secured José Ignacio Gómez Risueño.


This expert explained that the lack of boletus, níscalos and, even, eggs King is a generalized situation, as a result of the rains they have come too late and not in October as usual.

Moment, her single arrow appreciated, from culinary viewpoint, which can be seen in the field is known as the oyster mushroom (Pleurotus Eryngii).

Unlike fungi micorizógenos, the thistle is a saprophytic mushroom, because it is born from the decomposition of the corridor thistle.
“This year will be oyster mushrooms until December”, He has secured micólogo Gómez Risueño.

“What is clear is that this fall there will mushroom to consume fresh and the few that there are highly prized, so that restaurants will have to settle frozen mushrooms”, He has concluded the businessman Florencio Ramos.

Experts believe that from next week will conclude the campaign fungi, because they begin the first ice, causing the disappearance of mushrooms. Source:

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