IU denounced the waste of public money Navasfrías road-Foios

From Izquierda Unida, They denounce the serious decision taken by the city of Navasfrias ( PSOE ) and Salamanca Provincial Council building, unnecessarily, a road between Navasfrias and Foios which would be an outlay by the Diputación de Salamanca 787,999.99 €, and whose sole purpose is to save time two minutes from the current path. Also, transcendence is twofold, since this work has received a negative impact statement, according BOCYL nº120 of 17 de agosto de 2007, so it would be an ecological attack to an area of ​​high natural value.


The left-wing organization, recalls that at present there is already a road, between Navasfrias and Foios, of 9,5 Km whose execution ended in 2009 and it had a budget of 1,000,000 €. The road project aims to reduce that short distance in 2,4 Km, sacrificing for this an area of ​​high environmental sensitivity and carrying out an outlay of public money exorbitant and unnecessary. Javier Sierra, secretary of organization IU Ciudad Rodrigo: “The construction of this road is a shameful act and irresponsibility, both from the ecological point of view and the waste of public money. We would like to know, What are the real interests behind construction that is ran over to any kind of logic”.

From Izquierda Unida, require the PSOE and the Diputación de Salamanca give immediate and clear explanation about the construction of this stretch of road is a real waste and an attack on a protected natural area.



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