Navasfrias hunting accident

accidente cazaHunting accident

The last Sunday 15 January, a neighbor of our people S.P.J suffered an accident while hunting.

According to sources near the incident it occurred when the young man after a morning of hunting back home and accidentally made the gun went off and wounded him handing foot.

At first people they were with the young given the seriousness of the situation to save time approached the wounded to the health center Fuenteguinaldo.

Once there the emergency has warned civil guard, as being a hunting incident must communicate.

The injured was taken by ambulance to the Virgen Vega de Salamanca Hospital.

We are told that the young man is admitted and has lost two of his toes.

Desde We wish a speedy recovery.

Aprovechamos para recordar la importancia de una correcta manipulación de las armas de fuego para evitar accidentes como el ocurrido.



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