Navasfrias and Ciudad Rodrigo Carnaval del Toro

NavasfríasCarnaval del Toro and Carnival del Toro

Desde we invite anyone who wishes to Carnaval del Toro of Ciudad Rodrigo.

The Carnaval del Toro is a popular festival of Ciudad Rodrigo, which generates a great tourist attraction, is held every year as its name suggests coinciding with the Carnivals.

Ciudad Rodrigo already ran bulls 1417, This is attested by his oldest document.

The festival begins on Friday and ends on Shrove Tuesday carnival.

During these days are celebrated daily runnings, amateur and desencierros.

Sunday is a special day because the closure is held on horseback.

The festival ends on Tuesday with the also famous Toro del Aguardiente; during which liquor is distributed.

Another typical thing these carnivals is the famous loud bang on it, young boys, and not so young, accompanied by brass bands and rhythm of the now famous 'fat Campana', welcome to the Carnival.

Ciudad Rodrigo is considered the capital or service center of the region of Ciudad Rodrigo, the judicial district of Ciudad Rodrigo and the Diocese of Ciudad Rodrigo, three entities closely linked but with a slightly different demarcation, within the vast plain of Campo Charro. It has the titles of Old Town, Noble and Loyal.

We encourage everyone to come and try as fried eggs with typical food farinato.

Farinato is a sausage made with bread crumbs, pork fat, paprika and spices that has “Designation of Origin”.

If you come from Salamanca you can see a monument in his honor.

From Website carnavaldeltoro you can obtain all the information and even watch live.

Greetings and hope your photos with carnival costumes and enjoying the party.

Start the count down.

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