Navasfrías celebration of St. Agatha Sunday

Fiesta, Bailes, Mass and lunch in honor of St. Agatha in Navasfrías.

Navasfrias, Santa AguedaAs is tradition in many towns of Salamanca and in the same capita last Sunday the festivities of Santa Agueda was held.

Navasfrías women held this Sunday's events in honor of St. Agatha, They were carried out by the traditional Mass in the church and dancing in the Plaza Mayor, Manuel Ramos Andrade.

One of the most entertaining moments came with the fellowship meal delivery with baton by the mayor of Navasfrías, Esteban Alfonso, who completed the party.

This festival has its origins in the eleventh century, when the city of Segovia was occupied by Arabs, the women of Zamarramala (Segovia), distracted the besiegers and men took possession of the Alcázar and after the city. When they realized the ruse, They caught the ringleader and cut the breasts, thus giving the same martyrdom that Santa Agueda.

More info and photos on the website City Hall Navasfrías

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