Toros y Verbenas Navasfrias S. Juan 2016

Bulls and Verbenas Navasfrias.

On the occasion of the celebration of the festivities in honor of our patron San Juan, the day 25 de Junio, there will be a kind of bullfighting by the School of Bullfighting of the deputation of Salamanca, in the Plaza de Toros de Navasfrias.

We can also enjoy the musical performance by the group Ritual Trio.

We recall that for this year the bulls confinements will depart from elsewhere, located next to the municipal swimming pools.

The place is being prepared for that purpose, upon completion of the works we will put photos and a short video of what will be the new route.

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Actuacion Musical
Musical Performance
Cartel Sabado dia 25
Poster Saturday 25
Navasfrias Hoguera San Juan.
Navasfrias Hoguera San Juan.
Navasfrias, encierro 2014
Navasfrias, encierro 2014

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