Navasfrias San Juan festival

Navasfrías celebrates the festival of San Juan

san juan fiestas
san juan fiestas

The southern region of Ciudad Rodrigo live from the evening of Friday its annual grand time, with the celebrations in honor of San Juan which will take place simultaneously in three locations The Rebollar: Robleda, El Payo y Navasfrías, programs whose holidays have some similarities, such as bullfighting activities on Saturday (Navasfrias also will be the day Sunday) and a solemn Mass on Sunday, San Juan Day.

chronologically, the first municipality to start their parties will Navasfrías, where the 18.30 evening hours viernes there will be a closure bogies in charge of youth, which will also be responsible to 20.00 chupinazo hours parties. At night, a las 23.00 hours, the group will act Diego Jiménez Flamenco.

and the sábado, activities begin at 12.30 hours with a closure for riding Prado La Herradura. In the afternoon, a las 18.00 hours, an amateur bullfight will be held heifer animated by charanga Santa Ana. Around the 23.00 hours San Juan bonfire will light (which will be organized by the fifth), while an hour later start verbena enlivened by the Grand Slam Orchestra.

The domingo It will also be very intense, starting with Mass in honor of the patron San Juan a las 11.00 hours. Then, a las 12.30 hours, the second closure horse will live with the steers and heifers Prado La Herradura. In the afternoon, there will be the bullfighters Bullfighting School of Salamanca Borja Serrano and Juan Perez Marciel, which will provide practical class. In conclusion, there will be a heifer capea enlivened by the Charanga Santa Ana.

Navasfrías parties will be completed in the afternoon lunes with a fun session will include a train, a playground, inflatables and games for all.

The following parties start, a las 20.00 evening hours viernes, will be to Robleda, with traditional Pine hoisted in the Plaza del Caño by Quintos. That Friday night will feature musical animation mobile disco VIBRASS.

The sábado, neighbors and strangers enjoy from the 12.00 Traditional confinement hours riding along the road to El Sahugo to the bullring. In the afternoon, Calzada between the streets and the Plaza del Caño will take place from 18.30 capea usual hours. The Saturday evening will be enlivened by the Orquesta Factory Show.

The parties will reach its conclusion domingo, day the most solemn part of the festivities with Mass will live in honor of San Juan to 12.00 hours. At lunchtime, neighbors will gather to eat paella at City Hall, ending the festivities with a playground in the pediment. Sunday day will be musically animated by Charanga Manliao.

The third municipality of El Rebollar to celebrate San Juan, El Payo, will break out at parties to 21.00 hours viernes with the elevation of the beam by fifths of the locality. And the night fall, it will turn to the fire call carrycot and mobile disco Electrolatino, which will gogós.

Activities sábado will begin at 12.00 hours with animation The popular charanga Chaborrillos, to warm the atmosphere facing the capea heifer that run from 13.00 hours. In the afternoon, a las 18.30 hours, there will be a session bullfight with heifers, counting for the night with macrodiscoteca Alefran, which will gogós.

As in Navasfrías and Robleda, the day domingo It will begin in El Payo with a solemn Mass in honor of the patron San Juan a las 11.00 hours. In conclusion, it will turn to the children have a great time with a children's festival will include face painting, globoflexia, parachute, a children verbena and games for all.

Desde Navasfrías we encourage you enjoy our holidays and if you can not go and you do not want to lose any videos subscribe to our video channel


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