San Juan Navasfrías Pregón

Navasfrias - Pregón San Juan Navasfrías

Proclamation of San Juan Navasfrías by Tomás Acosta Píriz Our town was the first in El Rebollar to celebrate San Juan, starting the celebrations on Friday afternoon with activities designed for the little ones, as a closure bogies or an inflatable. The first major event of the celebrations was […]

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Navasfrías San Juan 2019

Navasfrias - Navasfrias San Juan 2019

Friends of the Horse Association "A Revolera" -On Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 de junio, we celebrate the festivities of San Juan in Navasfrías, We will attend Horses and Horsemen and the Rayan peoples of Portugal, Salamanca and the entire Sierra de Gata de Extremadura, to run the running of the bulls on horseback on Saturday and Sunday, to be […]

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