Ramos Andrade Foundation scholarships Navasfrias

Navasfrias - Ramos Andrade fundación becas Navasfrias

Ramos Andrade Foundation scholarship students Navasfrias College Rural Grouped Alto Agueda Navasfrías received in Wednesday morning's visit territorial delegate of the Junta de Castilla y León in Salamanca, Welcome Mena, director of the Museo Casa Lis de Salamanca, Pedro Pérez Castro, and the mayor of the town, Esteban González Alfonso. The aim of this visit, as noted Welcome […]

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Sociosanitario course the Commonwealth Alto Agueda III begins

Navasfrias - Comienza el curso Sociosanitario III   Mancomunidad Alto Agueda

https://salamancartvaldia.es/not/193573/comienza-8-desempleados-accion-formativa-alto-agueda-iii/ starts with 8 the training unemployed 'Alto Agueda Sociosanitaria III' With the beginning of November the Commonwealth Alto Agueda has launched the Joint Training and Employment Program 'Alto Agueda Sociosanitaria III' that take place over the next 6 meses (until late April) thanks to a grant of € 69,643.20 from the Public Service […]

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