From 8 December join the collection system exclusively electronic four new railcars: Algarve motorway (A22), the coastal Beira high (A25), the Beira Interior (A23), and North Interior (A24). The toll on these highways can not be performed manually in cabins, it welcomes, by decree 111/2011 already published, prior to payment systems. SALAMANCA24HORAS offers different ways that drivers can choose.

The pre-paid Internet, easier option for traveling to Portugal on Thursday

Portugal charged at least nine cents per kilometer of highway - salamanca24horas


How you should pay the Portuguese toll? - salamanca24horas

Toll payment systems for foreigners
Without electronic device: Prepaid systems for short stays in Portugal (maximum five days)
The cabins have requalified expressways manual collection. Nor give card payment option, only support electronic payment (they are marked as Lanco portagem electronic com / section with electronic toll).
For driving on motorways it is necessary either to buy / rent a physical electronic device, the classic electronic toll device (TAG / OBU, It called via T in Spain and Portugal greenway, the electronic device, placed on the vehicle, It enables automatic toll payment) O well, with more limited options, a prepayment without device either manually or via on line. The Spanish Via T device can not be used in Portugal for the moment (Homologation service for heavy vehicles provides for the MOPTC for October 2012)
With device: physical devices (BOTH, TAG)
For foreigners, www.estradas.pt offers two types of physical electronic devices, FROM: No expiration or permanent and temporary lapse or. The management of both modes is performed by the two entities toll collection authorized by the SIEV -System electronic identification of vehicle-: Via Verde y Post Portugal.
– permanent (no expiration): Available only for foreigners living in Portugal, with a bank account in this country. The permanent can be associated with the contract holder account (Greenway system). En este caso, can be used in different vehicles but always under this headline. If you prefer, the holder can opt for a prepaid system (only through the network of Correios Portugal), renewing the balance in person at Correios Portugal, PayShop in Multibanco Network and ATMs.
DE can be purchased 27,50 greenway euros in stores, -Send online greenway home- Portugal and Post Offices. In Galicia and the rest of Spain (not in other countries) en Banco Caixa Geral workshops , with some drawbacks (you need to open an account, It would be like opening an account in Portugal, which gives us access to permanent device). De uso exclusivo en Portugal, puede utilizarse en autovías y en las autopistas portuguesas con sistema electrónico. Entre otras, service, Ressa, O Steering wheel Negometal, management companies are teletoll, where you can request Via Verde.
– A temporary (DT): Unlike the previous, It has an expiration date, es decir, It is valid only during the time period determined by the management bodies (Greenway and Post). Works or toll charged to the card associated -System Greenway visitors- (card of any nationality, debit credit: ATM, american express, maestro, mastercard, visa,Visa Electron or any other supported by the Via Verde system, with at least 90 days of validity) or anonymously Post -System Portugal- preloads associated with the DT, with minimum value 10 the 20 euros ( clase I, other respectively. Modified door -pdf No. 1296-A / 2010, Initially, the minimum preload set by the MOPTC was 50 euros.). Via Verde device expires 90 day delivery. The Correios, a los 90 days after the last recharge, While it reactivated without recovering the balance expired- to recharge it again.
Both post as greenway, initially, rent the DT: The cost for both is 6 euros and the 1st week 1,5 euros the following. Must be added 27,50 euro deposit with repayment option and the system correios, the first preload (10/20 euros) que, not used, is not refunded.
The Via Verde system visitors (VVV) allows rent for 90 days. It ended this period the deposit is not returned (the rent would become a purchase with payment 'postponed' device), and the device further expires, being canceled. (see general conditions Via Verde Visitors) Éste sistema de Via Verde sí puede utilizarse en todas las vías portuguesas con peaje electrónico.

In the postal system returning the device is supported on 30 days after signing the contract. After this deadline, the owner happens to 'buy' the device to lose bail. During the 90 after the last recharge the OBU days remains active. If not recharged again before the end of that period, the device is canceled, and the balance is not used is lost. If you canceled once the device renew your balance (for example, on day 92 since last recharge), DT is activated again, with preconditions(updated 18/05/2011)With the postal system, These recharges can be performed in post offices, payshop multibank network and ATM network ('Payment of Services' en red ATM, with delay of up 24 hours after completing the recharging).

We can check the balance on the web post ( history of passages). The postal system can not be used with manual toll highways, ie it is valid only on motorways exclusively electronic toll. The temporary can be purchased at post offices (en advanced search, mark greenway to locate offices), Via Verde stores (VVV system) and the service areas on motorways (Viana and Vilar de Conde in A28, Olhão service area on the A22, Abrantes service area of ​​the A23, Vidago on the A24 and service area of ​​Celorico da Beira on the A25).

Manual prepayment device
Tráfego Portal reports the availability of this option:
– Vilanova border posts, Vila Real and Vilar Formoso (24 hours, automatic purchase)
– The service areas of highways (Viana areas and Vila do Conde service on the A28, Olhão service area on the A22, Abrantes service area on the A23, Vilago service area on the A24 and service area of ​​Celorico da Beira on the A25.)
– Post offices located in the area of ​​influence of the railcars.
– Porto Airport, at the airport post office (9-21 hours, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 9:00 a 12:00 and of 14:00 a 17:00 hours) and at the information desk (cash payment, of 5:00 a 23:00 hours every day).
– Post Office Faro Airport (Saturdays and Sundays, of 9:00 a 12:30 and of 14:30 a 18:00 hours, Monday to Friday, of 9:00 a 19:30 hours).

Some alternative routes to the path Aveiro - Vilar Formoso

He came the dreaded date: in the day on Thursday entra en vigor el decreto-ley portugués por el cual hay que pagar por circular por las autopistas A-22, A-23, A-24 and A-25 the neighboring country. The latter is the one that affects the province of Salamanca, ya que su recorrido arranca justo a la salida de la cercana Vilar Formoso (and reaches Aveiro).

El precio por hacer este recorrido for Spanish varies payment method chosen (at the end of the story are all options). For a Portuguese, the price will go from 15,65 euros for normal tourism to the 39 euros a large truck (only way).

Como ya ocurría en las otras autopistas donde había que pagar desde octubre de 2010, the route has been divided into different sections. Así, The A-25 has been chopped in 13 sections, each with a price based on their mileage, según las tasas publicadas por el Ministries of Finance and Economy and Employment en el Diário da República Last Monday. As base, se ha establecido el pago de 0,072 euros (plus VAT) per kilometer for passenger cars.

The best choice for those arriving from outside, sigue siendo make a pre-payment online, fixe, como recomiendan desde la asociación gallega Atlantic Axis, que forma parte de la Iberian network of entities Transboundary. In Galicia lead "suffering" payment on Portuguese motorways since October 2010, that was when the measure was implemented in the northern neighboring country.

Aunque, as explained from the Atlantic Eixo, until early summer did not begin to control (and fining), who paid and who did not. Así, there are cars with cameras that collates the license plate numbers of vehicles with databases cars that have paid. Eye, because in northern Portugal, concessionaires of highways have control cars, they can be fined as the Police (fines are ten times the price has stopped paying). These fines can be paid only cash, and immediately (if not, the car is retained).

La implantación en el norte de Portugal It has begun to generate very important losses. Así, en el municipio costero de Viana do Castelo, el propio Consistorio asegura que se ha perdido un 40% of economic activity (especially hotels and restaurants), mainly people who came from the border province of Pontevedra. Al parecer lo que más has been lost is the immediacy, the saying: "What if today we are going to eat Portugal?”. También ha cuantificado sus pérdidas la petrolera Repsol, en un 10% descent in border areas.

As explained from the RIET, Repsol has offered to send its gas stations a payment system more accessible, because the general agreement is that current systems are complex. The proposal Atlantic Eixo, there the RIET, pasa por unas electrostatic stickers Moon placed in the car (the style of ITV), similar to the ones in Austria, Switzerland, a Bulgaria. These stickers would have a fixed price, depending on the days and areas for which circulate, and you could buy in more places, as at gas stations.


evidently, there is always the option of using alternative routes which do not involve entering the highway. In the case of path Aveiro-Vilar Formoso, se puede optar en vez de la A-25 por las N16, N17 and N230, aunque the distance increases, in distance (until 50 kilometers), and time (according to calculations by specialized pages, time can bend of the 2 a las 4 hours).

In the last hours, se ha sabido que la Spanish Federation of Carriers (Fenadismer) ha denunciado a Portugal ante la Comisión Europea to establish exemptions and discounts pay for themselves Portuguese who live in the area of ​​influence of Highways. for Fenadismer, esto es discriminatory with respect, for example, the Spanish drivers, they are not eligible for these discounts.

This complaint is not new, ya que entrepreneurship in Galicia already he filed a complaint with the European Union, en este caso por considerar que Portugal does not provide payment systems. This is a detailed summary as possible of payment schemes that have foreign registered vehicles, depending on the length of your stay:


casual and short-term stays: Pre-payment, Internet or physically. Limited to aup to 6 purchases of securities of this type per year.

Como ya hemos explicado en Ciudadrodrigoaldía.es during these weeks, the pre-paid Internet is still the easiest option. Este pago hay que hacerlo a través de la common website of Correos de Portugal, usually give many problems of access.

First, you have to enter the addresshttps://www.ctt.pt/fepme/app/restricted/chargingRequest.jspx, and register for free. Once this


operation, we must make payment, with credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Maestro), like any other online purchase, indicating reference enrollment.The price varies depending on the type of vehicle, which can be distinguished in the attached image.

-La opción más sencilla es el title for three consecutive days (valid for classes 1, 2 and 5), which it is priced 20,62 euros. This title can be circulated for 3 days without any limit throughout the country.

-Asimismo, existe otro valid title 5 days, with price 10,62 euros (Vehicle class 1, 2 and 5), and of 20,62 euros for classes 3 and 4. This title is rechargeable at post offices, and the service area A25 of GALP located in Celorico Da Beira.

Esta opción es recommended when you are making a journey that involves a lower cost. Por example, someone who has to go to Guarda Vilar Formoso, round trip, in a normal tourism. According to piecewise rates, make these journeys only cost 6,40 euros, so it is more convenient to take this title 5 days.

Virtual payment made, a receipt to be printed and travel with him to Portugal is generated, to avoid problems.

If you want to purchase these securities short stays physically, you can do so at post offices (with cash), and in said service area of ​​the A-25 FLAGs. According to plans Estradas de Portugal, There will also be a border payment Vilar Formoso, where you can buy these titles the 24 hour automatically.

frequent stays: Rental of an electronic device.

For those who have to go very frequently, la opción es rent a temporary device denominado "Via Verde Visitors" (you can not change from one car to another), by which we must pay a deposit of 27,50 euros (which will be refunded when returned). The cost of renting the unit is 6 euros in the first week, and of 1,5 euros for each of the following.

This device is recharged Irlo, and you can get on the Via Verde shops, the closest being the one in Viseu, dentro del recorrido de la A-25 Aveiro-Vilar Formoso. With this device, It is paid based on the distance covered, and the vehicle class, according to the table published in the Diario da República (you can see in the attached image).

permanent stays: foreigners residing in Portugal, also with electronic device.

En este caso, you have to buy the device, for a price 27,50 euros, con la obligatoriedad de tenerlo asociado a una cuenta bancaria en el Banco Caixa Geral. It can be purchased in stores Greenway, or offices in Spain of that bank. Like when rented, it will pay based on any highway sections tours.

Path A-25, from Aveiro to Vilar Formoso






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