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During the weekend a group of neighbors Rebollar has conducted a tour in which they have had the opportunity to know the last stretch of the River Douro navegating the. They participated in the tour residents of the towns of Peñaparda, El Payo, Navasfrías and Casillas de Flores, who enjoyed two days very nice.

One participant on the trip, Thomas Acosta Píriz, He has written a travelogue, which by their nature didactic and poetic, we will reproduce in full:

Starting the journey from Porto bridges and admire both sides, the cellars of Gaia, enviable wild vegetation stays between May, the boat "Rota do Douro" was plying the waters and abundant and fast climbing two of its locks, Crestuma 13 meters high and Carrapatelo of 35 metros. We continue to Peso da Regua and the obligatory visit to a winery to taste these wines of Porto as universal for having extended the British throughout his empire.

Thermal tenure on the place of Sao Pedro do Sul to continue on Sunday with a visit to Lamego, this city and this historic diocese in which his poet son lived, Fausto Teixeira Guedes in his verses warned the beauty of the hermitage of the Virgin of the Remedies ("It is the top of a hill the beautiful chapel / the Virgin of Remedios, patron / the beautiful shuddering earth mine "). Critical was the poet allied with England when 1890 He imposed a shameful ultimatum to Portugal on its expansion African dream. Wryly says the poet: /Or cynical England, Intellectuals bêbeda impudent, /you have taken, you, the black is the bondage? /quotes and hypocrisy, evangelio and brandy /.

Lamego and beauty deserved this visit was perhaps short to go in the afternoon to Viseu. The storm aborted the tour and directed us to a large shopping center in that city already known by many fellow travelers.

The day was a violet dawn,

gray floor stars blue

opening to daylight.


you, you were born in the heights,

Pico Urbión, You get to Porto,

fortificas the traveler heart.

There is a green greeting on this May.

It's the shore, See to the banks!

Up upon the quarries vines,

the hidden treasure among grapes!

Sorry drunkenness Touch,

the sweet juice, the nectar

of the gods made to the winds,

for the sun sliding along the peaks.

I have not seen a river so dress vine

or a green map abrupt.

Here he immersed himself English

Corsair drunk sailor,

It was anchored forever a wine Porto,

homeland to spread to everyone.

names heard in winds of candles,

and current maritime landscape light,

an Iberian river to the sea.

It has been opening our way water

and sips of wine we dilute courses.

We will keep the light of this horizon,

captains of burning dreams.

Palpitate waters by his embrace of the sea,

They tremble in their mirrors instants,

illuminated shadows drown.

also sail free port

to go beyond the sunset.

Light noon, do not miss,

What our blue lights,

do not wrecked centuries of culture

nor the great flood that sees us.

When you reach today night,

the stars will sleep in your bed

and already in distant waters, will dream.

Wall crossed an afternoon

para, at home, furrowing thought

every time he makes us his voice

and the Douro floods us with memories.

(All of this trip chaperones, dear people of the region of Rebollar. My people.)

Thomas Acosta Píriz.


Douro river excursion neighbors Rebollar
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