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Natural young Navasfrías Alvaro Ramos Peña He was in the day on Saturday with victory for the second consecutive year Campeonato Navarro Ultratrail, framed in the Navarre Extrem, ultramontana test that had its point of departure and arrival in the town of Zubiri.

The Navarre Extrem It consisted of three modes, facing Álvaro Ramos the hardest of them all, of 68 kilometers long and 4.000 meters positive, in which participating athletes had to face the tops of Adi (1.456 metros), Session (1.418 metros), Zuriain (1.408 metros), Goitean (1.235 metros) y Baratxueta (1.150 metros). Asimismo, during the route traversed towns as Aritzu, Iragi a Usetxi, and forests of fairy tales such as beech forest Quinto Real.

Álvaro Ramos It was during the race (which he had the cloudy sky and storm risk) in a head group with other 3 athletes. Finalmente, natural athlete concluded Navasfrías 3º General with a time of 7h.14’ (14 minutes less than last year), It is the first federal Navarre, thus he took the title of champion of the Autonomous Community.

En esta ocasión, Alvaro Ramos Peña He had a very special company, that of a group of family and friends rock 'Elves' that the initiative of his sister Sheila gave a surprise touring the 600 kilometers there from Navasfrías Navarran lands to cheer up during the race, detail which was very grateful.

Besides the great individual result, equipment part Álvaro Ramos, the A4XKM, It took the team victory. Navasfrías natural corridor plans to participate in late August in the Ultratrail of Montblanc, which will take place at the end of August with 119 km route.

Our most sincere congratulations champion and keep adding titles!!!

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