A Pilgrimage Revolera


romería_a_revoleraAs is tradition, one more year, el tercer fin de semana después de Semana Santa, Horses Association A Revolera of Valverde del Fresno, He has an appointment with the Virgen de la Pastora in the village of Eljas, This will take place on Sunday 22 April.

The domingo 22 de abril, since the founding of the Association of A Revolera, will the pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Pastora, in procession with riders of the Sierra de Gata.

Lagarterirus us year after year, engalanan trailer transporting Virgin Pastor, with flowers of the Sierra de Gata, then leave in procession to Pastor.

The salida It is from the Mesón el Quijote, a las 09:00 horas de la mañana del Domingo,
where we meet all riders of Valverde del Fresno, Eljas to go and get together
Eljas with our friends Cabalus Amigus the Association of San Blas.

A las 10:00 hours riding all together and accompanied walked in procession to the Virgen de la Pastora, from the door of the church in Eljas to Pastora.

Agradecimientos a José Ignacio Donoso Martín, (Fabio) for making us sharers in spreading the news.

Desde Navasfrias.net We encourage anyone who wishes to participate and enjoy this tradition.


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