Navasfrías, one of the villages of Spain with greater rainfall last week

Navasfrías is recorded as one of the towns of Spain which accumulates higher levels of rainfall

Much needed rains that have been watering the entire peninsula during the last week especially northern Spain and leave records record Navasfrías, They give a truce today and tomorrow when they may be some frost, to return on Thursday according to State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

Forecast for the next days here

Navasfrías has the highest value of rainfall last week, con un total de 215 liters per square meter. Other provincial capitals have pointed the accumulated precipitation data throughout the week as in Cáceres, with 119 liters per square meter; Badajoz, 81 liters per square meter; Lugo, 65 liters per square meter; Vigo (Pontevedra), 112 liters per square meter; Salamanca, 50 liters per square meter.

Navasfrías record rain


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