GOLD Navasfrías

Rufino en Navasfrías,
Rufino in Navasfrías,

I've been in the municipality of Navasfrías; estoy trabajando en un proyecto denominado mineral 2.0, among other, things helps municipalities with historical mining heritage to put in value.

I know this municipality by Rufino, a gold digger, que It has the healthy habit of teaching the technique of gold panning and not just content with that, it takes you to places where he has found gold. Rufino has 80 years and continues with the same enthusiasm as when I met him, but with greatly diminished capacities, as it has leg problems.

There are many prospectors, only a few teach how to look for, how to remove it and also tell you the places where they find; of course all this is done selflessly. Everyone knows that gold is very valuable; It is a scarce resource and are not things to "give it away".

Despite knowing batting techniques, to recognize the places where there may be gold and tell you where they found, get it is very difficult, It costs a lot (must desescombrar, chop, collect, bat,….) making process and very rarely succeeds; this does not discourage gold diggers, if they do not find continue to strive to look and only ends when hunger, light or time runs out.

However, There is nothing that is worth more than gold: is knowledge; we know that has great value, since all of us our parents told us we had to study, to learn and that was the most important. No matter what political status, religion, sex and social class are parents; all agree that their children what they want is to study; es decir, They acquire knowledge. If all parents in the world agree on what they want for their children, and as we know that parents want the best for their children, then we can deduce that for millions of parents most importantly their children to learn.

Teachers are the people that society has given us that we form children of all parents, usually we get paid for performing such work (to pay him the faculty companies and other society itself); the vast majority of teachers want, in addition to their children, their students to learn, They acquire knowledge.

Faculty, mothers, parents and adults generally consider knowledge as well as gold diggers consider gold; the problem is that a lot of our students do not consider knowledge as the most important; for them is more important leisure, the fun, their friends s, mobile and a long list of activities and instruments where there is knowledge.

Knowledge, like gold, It costs a lot to buy it, must master study techniques, strive and do not always get (or it is recognized that it has)

Students are like those who want to start in batting, but with one big difference that, Firstly, convince them that knowledge is what is most valuable to them and also that skills must be mastered and made an effort to achieve it.

Teachers have to be like our friend Rufino, we must have the same enthusiasm as the first day, we need to teach techniques to acquire knowledge, We seek to teach, identify the places where it is found and accompany our students to verify that they "do it well". There is only one thing that Rufino is easier than us: no need to convince their "students" that gold has great value.


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