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The project Life Cipríber who commands the Duero River Basin Authority in order to protect and recover populations of endemic species of cyprinids of the river Uces, Huebra, yeltes and Águeda continues to advance its implementation.

As he announced on Tuesday morning the Duero River Basin Authority, one of the performances which has been working in recent months has been the empowerment of ramps traditional fish weirs and dams intended for irrigation, watering livestock or supply.

Thanks to the ramps, disappears insulation effect generated by these weirs and dams that divide the river into segments, keeping its use at the same favors that the rivers move freely cyprinids.

De este modo, they can adapt to changes in environmental conditions in search of more favorable habitats or biological needs as reproduction.

Reminds the Confederation, "It is scientifically proven that individuals of different species have different habitat requirements" depending on their life stage, The time of year, natural variations in flow, temperature or water quality, "So it is essential to move freely in search of optimal conditions".

In the first phase of the project Cipríber, They have been built twenty ramps in various rivers in the province of Salamanca, which 4 They are located within the county of Ciudad Rodrigo. Concretamente, three ramps have been enabled on the Agueda River in the municipality of Navasfrías, and another in Puebla de folken in the river Yeltes.

The others 16 ramps are distributed as follows: three on the river Uces, two horse's head and one in La Zarza de Pumareda; four on the Huebra, in Pozos de Hinojo, Moronta, Barbalos and Berrocal de Huebra; y otras 9 in the bed of the river Yeltes: Villares de Yeltes seven and two in Yecla de Yeltes.

In addition to promoting the transit of fish, with the ramps are intended to improve the state of water bodies meeting the obligations under the Water Framework Directive.


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