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Bike Xtreme

Navasfrías celebrates first test Xtreme Bike with a great host.

Day celebration took place on Sunday 11 of August.

This test has been organized by the His Excellency. Navasfrías City Council and County Council Salamanca, with the collaboration of several entities and trading houses and framed, within the Salamanca Provincial Circuit BTT test 2019.

A las 9:00h the starting signal is given to all participants in the long-haul (53km route), and when, They came the short journey, who completed 30km, from the municipal shelter, both outputs being neutralized, approximately 500m the first to reach the path of light factory.


The fastest in the long journey of 53km have been: 1º Eladio Jimenez Sanchez (Norinver Team) with a time of 2.13.15; 2nd position was occupied by Fernando Perez Gonzalez (IPS Khalifa) with 2.16.15; He completed the podium in 3rd position, Yunta Alberto Avila (Flop-CMC Kasper Wheels) with 2.16.43.

In females the best has been Ainhoa ​​Sanchez Brown (Vosper Team) with a time of 3.21.15

short haul:

The best short tour of 30km were: 1º Oscar Sanchez Sanchez (Zamora Cx) with a time of 1.19.05 and Veronica Vazquez Fernandez (C.E. Trail Tarraco) with a time of 1.37.14; 2nd place occupied Luis Miguel Alcala Felix (LengVII Calahorra) with 1:19.20 and María Villalta Renilla (The Canchera) with 1.55.22; They completed the podium in 3rd position, Unai Gonzalez Pintado (Independent) with 1.20.51 and Consuelo Pascual Mateos (Independent) with 2.19.12.


Also awards were presented to the top three finishers in each category of the long route (Elite, Master30, Máster40 and Máster50) both masculine and feminine. the first local athlete was also awarded, both male and female.

All test participants Xtreme Bike when collecting the dorsal, They received the runner bag, with ropes, y una braga de cuello como regalos conmemorativos de la prueba, and other gifts.

The organization made available to participants different points of supplies.


To end the great day of Bike Xtreme, all those participants and accompanying persons who so wanted, They could enjoy a great paella.

Emphasize the great organization of the race and the great work of each and every one of the volunteers, which they contributed to a success and tremendous developed so.

From We welcome the great welcome and we hope to be the first of many days.

Source and photo gallery salamanca24horas