Manolo Ramos retired bus driver who enjoys life. Our partner is an irundarra born in Salamanca and has taken root here personal and professional

"I've driven buses 44 years and I have not had any accidents'

Small and his native Navasfrías, Hand he is picking enjoyed trout in the river
He lived great moments with unforgettable Palmira of brothers remembered Andrade

Manolo Ramos Peña
Manolo Ramos Peña
He is retired after working for space 44 years behind the wheel of the bus company founded by his father. Tiene 67 that is fresh and well, especially memory and brain. Manolo Ramos Peña was born in Salamanca Navasfrías, but the 7 years brought him Donostia, a Errondo. When she married (1963) He committed to the success of reached Irun. María del Tránsito Merino was guilty of a movement that will never stop thanking. Their children were born here, Manolo, Jesús Mari and Yolanda. Like his beloved granddaughter, Carla, daughter of his firstborn, It coming to celebrate his coming of age. He studied the basics, like many people of his fifth and at fourteen he was already working. It started in 'Footwear Twentieth Century', Loiola street, the Donosti. Linternero then was a plumber in 'Ferly’ and since he got his driver's license and special -indeed, by his own admission, He did not practice test in the bus-, it was dedicated to driving such vehicles that move at once to 55 people. He left a fleet of five buses, of which he is a member-owner, but it does not handle, they say in South America. Now, retired at age before (65) enjoys that status. Spend hours orchard Mendelu with his brother, José Calderero; and he devotes much time to his current 'profession', which it is none other than andarín, something that considers basic health.
-Manolo, You do not know how well I drop the 'Manolos'.
-Well look, That's how I am, It was my father, He is my oldest son (Manu) and my brother 'Carballo'.
-You have fallen 67 and it made you look a kid, like when you were. What memories bring your childhood in Navasfrías?
-Do not believe, that I have a few very nice. Cryo and friends, We used to go to the river to catch trout by hand and we were not given anything wrong. Then, the we ate at home, then it did not sell anything, because in the village there was not a peseta. There were about 300 and almost all inhabitants emigrated.
-You've been a professional driving. ¿Apuntabas small the office?
-No, in principle I considered that idea. Also, in the village there were no cars. But in the end I spent 44 years driving buses. Good, before I had already done some bike. I remember a 'Bultaco 110’ and 'Montesa'. Yes, drive vehicles already I caught my attention, I was going to like.
-Have you ever driven without a license?
-No, never. I took the normal card with 20 years and the special, with 21. By the way, I made the theoretical tests, but I did not practice, because the engineer approved Arrondo us all that we were in a vehicle that he was driving another aspirant. I applied for the driving school 'Gongar'.
-And yours, what was, Why obligation or by calling?
-I just follow my father's footsteps and did the line between Amara and San Juan de Dios, in Donosti.
-Do you remember your first trip?
-How can we not! Went with 21 años, in line donostiarra I mentioned to you and a fourteen seater minibus. Almost at the same time, I dedicated myself to move mentally retarded from the center of Mendibil park to Miramon. They were 22 kilometers that made easy.
-In 44 Chauffeur years, How many accidents have you had?
-Any, creételo. I only had a mishap with the bike in Errenteria. By bus, never. I have been a lucky. O, who knows?, perhaps a good driver.
-fines, How are you?
-Just two and unfair that I planted the Civil Guard in Benavente, sancionándome by a 'stop’ I did not jump. It was ____ ago 30 años, It cost me five hundred pesetas of those, pastón, and driving a vehicle registered in San Sebastián. I dont know…, you understand me.
-You and your company follow growing…
-Yes even have a fleet of five buses, with which schoolboys transfers are made from Toki Alai. I am retired, something that will happen now with my brother Germán. It is my brother Manolo and four contracted drivers. We have grown slowly, because we asignábamos us a monthly fee. The rest of the money earned was invested in new units. So we move from first to fifth.
-Not the same drive a car to a bus, I mean.
-say well. You have fewer problems with the bus, it gives you more security, because everything is automatic. Now, the 'delayed', You can go down a steep hill without touching the brake. a joy.
-We are facing a very self-sacrificing profession, ¿ o no?
-You are right, but before now, because everything is more regulated. Now there are breaks and in my early days we did not know what was a tachometer. Worked piecework. What if you win well? Yes, provided that you work well.
-I noticed a large common friend (Nicolás Aguirre) you were chauffeur Palmira, the team that sponsored the Andrade brothers.
-That's how it went. What times, What tiempazos! Paco and José Mari Andrade were few patrons how there was then. coincided with, entre otros, Tery, Josu Chen, Luisito Murguía, Txemi Aranguren o Merkelanz, the son of taxi driver. I strip stories.
-As we used to concentrate often. We were in the 'Chinese’ Mugaire on the eve of playing against Fuenterrabia and Sanzberro he gave the go catch trout Bidasoa. He took and gave them to Paquito Andrade. And then the brothers Larrea…
-Do not leave me on tenterhooks.
-For Manolo and Nicolas were so alike, I neither distinguished. Once he was expelled Manolo and then returned to the field, a substitution, with Nicolas license. He did not hear nor God…, or the referee.
-If you were born again, would repeat.
-Yes, both trade and experiences, our profession is sacrificed but also gives you a lot and very good. I have it clear.

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