Navasfrías Mushrooms: Boletus where to find, characteristics and other tips

Boletus edulis receives many names, and in Castilian it is called edible boletus, pumpkin, Hongo and Viriato; in Catalan: Aubarell, Mushroom Beef, Pocket, Ciureny y Sureny; and Basque: Ontozuri, Well-seasoned and Onto zuriya

It is a mushroom that can grow from spring to autumn, but more abundantly when the station is already advanced. This subspecies is typical of pine forests. When it comes to their presence in another habitat, You are probably mistaking this way with another of their peers. Anyway it is almost the same species, having characteristics similar edible.

boletus navasfrías
boletus navasfrías

You can achieve remarkable weight and dimensions. In exceptional cases, found examples of more than 3 kg. Overall the hat can measure 7 a 20 cm. in diameter and foot acquire the same height.

The species presented and the like are considered edible mushrooms par excellence. Everyone knows the ticket and when you talk about this mushroom is meant the brown species with white flesh immutable. It can be prepared in many ways guided by an extensive culinary literature. It is one of the most favorable mushrooms to be cut into thin slices and let them dry or keep them in oil or vinegar. You can also eaten raw; sin embargo, some caution is advised and do not ingest large amounts. Could cause disorders.


It is the typical representative of his kind. It can be differentiated from other forms and sub-species by the color of his hat, initially white to off, which then takes on a darker color, almost brown-black. His margin is never yellowish. The foot is light brown or almost white without pink or yellow reflections. Hat is regular, something wrinkled, velvety, Smooth only in adult specimens. The hymenium is attached to the foot, It is initially white, is changing gradually and through yellow acquires an intense greenish hue that finally becomes a green-olive. The foot is low, thick, solid, color from white to brown and decorated by a lattice which is present on almost the entire surface. The flesh is white under the himenio the same color and compact both in the hat and foot; Bouncing no particular odors and has a well-defined taste; sweet like hazelnuts.


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