Homenaje a Manuel Ramos Andrade

Today we publish an article that we found in the D-Free newspaper recently referring to Manuel Ramos Andrade, fundador de la Casa Lis, very dear person in our people and to which we owe the name of our place.

Libro escolar de Manuel Ramos Andrade
schoolbook Manuel Ramos Andrade


Manuel was born in the small Navasfrias the 25 July 1944 within a humble family.

We were the poorest of the people would often say.

He had ended the war, but it was difficult years, even harder in the villages of line. There subsistence economy and smuggling with the neighboring country seemed the only alternatives.

Why Manuel had to help his family and could hardly attend school, so that their school performance was not very good.

His father worked as a carpenter in the village (the pews attest that was very good), although his fondness for drink prevented contribute to the family economy.

Manuel had in mind other projects underway soon prondría.

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