Space The Rebollar, new trails

The peoples of the southwest of Salamanca, located in the Natural Area The Rebollar, want to break into nature tourism by signaling 200 kilometers that can be explored on foot or by bicycle.

And total, initiative, executed by the Commonwealth High Agueda, has two paths of Grand Tour (GR) and three Short Tour (CR).

The Rebollar
The Rebollar
One of the two routes GR, of 58 kilometers, runs along the Cañada Real de Extremadura, from Ciudad Rodrigo to the border with the province of Cáceres, in the Port Perales, and that is one of the glens of pastoralism that were governed by royal edict of Alfonso X the Wise, in 1273.

All trails are marked so that the traveler knows at all times the location where you are and have sketches that report on the points of interest to visit, plus maps and explanatory of the area.

GR is the second 68 kilometers and is a route through the Sierra de Gata, running through towns like Serradilla del Llano, Vegas Domingo Rey, Agallas, Martiago, Robleda, The Sahugo or Villasrubias.

In both cases, one of the attractions is the Pyrenean oak forest, since in this natural area is the largest concentration of this type of tree, “Quercus Pyrenees”, on a surface 50.000 hectares.

With this route signage project, also recovered the ancient roads that smugglers walked mid-twentieth century, crossing over and over the border with Portugal, laden products that made their living.

This route, of 28 kilometers, runs through the places of the Alberguería of Argañán, Casillas de Flores, the El Puente El Villar de Peñaparda and Navasfrías.

The two hundred kilometers have been completed with two circular routes in villages and Puebla de Azaba Robleda, each 18 kilometers.

Also, routes to try to get more disclosure and interest, have created a mobile applications “Smartphone”.

It is about applications that can be downloaded for free, where the user can have her on the phone and will guide you every meter.

Also, also find in this application (APP) all kinds of explanations for natural resources is in marked routes.

The project, financed 88.000 euros, which 73.000 come from EAFRD European funds it manages in the region of Ciudad Rodrigo ADECOCIR entity, is completed with a series of fact sheets on the various places of interest in El Rebollar.


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